Students From Around the World


In 2004, Tree of Life issued its first international F1 visa, and since then has been blessed to have dozens of students from Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. Top students come to Tree of Life to complete high school, in hopes of being admitted to a competitive university. Studying in the US provides an advantage of extracurriculars and a different academic system than in their home country. Students work hard to learn English prior to leaving their home country, then continue learning English as they also learn all academic content in a second language. 

The international program is a unique mission field within the school community, as most students do not come from Christian families, but agree to take Bible classes and attend church. God brings students to Tree of Life so that they can hear the Gospel and take the message back to their home country, often in “closed” countries or regions. 

The program is complementary to the diversity that already exists within the Tree community, where parents born in over 30 countries have enrolled their children. We are all blessed by the rich cultural experience and perspectives as we engage with one another. The diversity at Tree is recognized around the US by other ACSI schools, as an example of how to be ONE in Jesus.

The international program is in need of full-time, short-term, and weekend hosts to help love a student who is far from home. To learn more about the program, contact

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