LifeCare support, additional nursing staff, and COVID-19


COVID-19 Update

There are strong feelings and opinions and a diverse array of perspectives about the wearing of masks. Tree of Life is committed to a Community of Care that includes students, employees, and families caring for and respecting one another whether or not masks are worn. At this time we are recommending masks for staff and students, especially those who are not vaccinated, but not requiring them. If the Delta or another variant proves to spread more among students in schools, Tree of Life will make any necessary changes to our masking policy at that time, which may include a return to full masking.  If your child is diagnosed with COVID-19, contact; then follow the 10-day isolation protocol. If your child is exposed to COVID-19 and is vaccinated, you may send them to school with a mask. If your child is exposed to COVID-19 and has not been vaccinated, they will be quarantined. Each of us have committed to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of our students, families, and staff. Thank you for helping us all stay safe as we commit to a community of care.

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